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Contract manufacturers come to because it is an online manufacturing marketplace that saves contract manufacturers and buyers' time and money by instantly matching a buyer's manufacturing drawings and specifications to qualified contract manufacturers. No more searching or worrying. For both contract manufacturers and buyers, there is nothing like it out there. creates efficiencies in the creation, distribution, tracking and awarding of RFQs for manufactured parts by matching buyers and contract manufacturers at an exact moment in time, when they need each other. Plus, our community rating system eliminates the risks associated with developing new business relationships.

Contract manufacturers and buyers can collaborate together and extruders can provide manufacturing quotes online to buyers in a secure and confidential manner. Intelligent matching allows the buyer to get their manufactured parts more efficiently while enabling the contract manufacturers to make a profit because they are doing the work they do best. It's a win-win! And... it's TOTALLY FREE for buyers. Contract manufacturers pay an annual membership fee and we never charge commissions or transaction fees. There is no better way for contract manufacturers to find new customers. And it's so easy to use.