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What Type of Parts are Good Candidates for Extrusions?

The types of parts which are good candidates for the extrusions process are parts that have a cross-sectional area that is uniform. For a cross sectional area that is uniform, extrusions manufacturing is often the best least-costly method to fabricate such parts, such as door frame parts in automobiles which meet the criteria and are thus produced using the extrusion process in aluminum. Some Extrusion Companies that provide Extrusion Services may often provide a lot of extrusion dies which are standard in sizes and be utilized in any Extrusions Work and bypass the cost for die manufacturing services. This is a viable option to explore considering that to create the dies can have a cost factor in the ranges of thousands of dollars.

Designing Parts for Extrusions

In a specialized parts project when there are no standard dies, then the option is only for the extrusion part to be designed. An exploration of the design process leads then to the 4 fundamentals to producing an optimal extrusion part when planning an extrusion die. One of them is to avoid a design that utilizes walls that are too thick, since it can lead to problems with cooling. Another fundamental basic is to insure wall thickness which is constant, which is of a high recommendation in order to fabricate an extruded part of quality. Additionally, it is essential to utilize in the design ample radii in order to fortify the part on every existing corner whether interior or exterior. Another vital primary design consideration is to avoid sections that are hollow as these are challenging to manufacture, and will add to the specialized equipment needed and the methods in creation.

Sourcing Extrusions

A primary factor when considering the sourcing of extrusions parts is of course the material to be used, whether plastic, steel extrusions, or aluminum extrusions, aluminum being fifty percent of the most popular material used to create extrusion parts. Also to consider in the selection process of the best extrusions company for the job is to locate a source that has a proven record in production and quality performance.